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How Our Internships Placement Work

If you’re looking for an internship abroad you are just in the right place! Here at EazyCity we look after all your needs to ensure you have the best experience abroad.
Internships are the perfect way to explore the world: living and working in a country allows you to meet great people, experience the culture by seeing it up close, and of course learn the language by speaking it every day.
We have developed a great program for students and professionals interested in their future career, starting from an excellent internship abroad.
We offer both Professional and Entry-Level internships, to ensure that regardless of your profession, industry experience, second language skills, or qualifications levels, we’ll find the right internship for you.
Internship Placement


Make the most of your time during such an uncertain period in which travelling for study and work is not as simple as it was.
We can organise your “Remote Internship” in the following professional sectors:
  • Marketing
  • Social media management and content management
  • Sales and CRM
  • Customer Service and consulting services
  • Office admin
  • Graphic design
  • IT
  • Java coding

The Remote Internship includes:

  • Work Placement Search and Introduction to the Company
  • Online Meeting with a member of our staff before your commencement day
  • Our team’s support during your work experience
  • Certificate of Attendance and Reference Letter (also useful for school programs and for work opportunities)
  • Meeting in person with your manager once travel restrictions are cancelled (most of our partner companies are based in Cork and Dublin)


  • Minimum language level B2
  • Commitment required for a minimum period of 8/12 weeks
  • Previous experience and/or studies in the field are appreciated
  • Use of your own computer or laptop
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Internship Placement

ONSITE internship abroad - placement FEE: €600

If you already have a B1/intermediate level in the chosen country’s language, you have relevant academic background and/or you have some experience in the field, a Professional internship abroad is what you’re looking for!
With the experience and knowledge you will gain, your cv will appear very attractive to future employers and will put you one step ahead of everyone else who has not taken advantage of doing a similar experience abroad.

Which sectors can you choose from?

We are a leading, highly recommended agency with a lot of experience in the career development and internship abroad field. We have a huge network of contact with companies specialized in different fields, including the following:
  • Agriculture & Agri-Food
  • Architecture
  • Beauty & Cosmetics
  • Business & Administration
  • Catering & Hospitality
  • Communication & Media
  • Customer Service & Reception
  • Design & Fashion
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance & Accountancy
  • Human Resources
  • IT
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Retail
  • Tourism
  • International Trade
  • & Many More
Choose to carry out a professional internship abroad and gain knowledge and understanding of your chosen field. Compare and contrast new methods from your own and combine the two to enhance your desired future career!
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Internship Placement
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Pay program fees
Complete interview with host company
Get started with your internship!
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Internship Placement
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