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We strive to promote career opportunities in Ireland, Spain and Italy. To make the most of your stay abroad and create a unique experience, we work in small cities.
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Located in the south of the country, Cork is the second most popular city in Ireland (but don’t say that to Corkonians). This county is home to world famous attractions such as the Blarney Stone, located in the Barney Castle, the fishing village of Kinsale, the beaches of Robert’s Cove, Rocky Bay and Garretstown.

Cork is the perfect city live, study and look for a job.

More importantly the locals (colloquially known as ‘Corkonians’) are known for being welcoming, social and proud of their cultural heritage, apart from the great pride of being Munster Rugby fans.

Work in Cork

Cork, above all, is the best city to work in as it is host to many multinational companies looking for talent such as Apple, Trendmicro, EMC Dell, VoxPro, Starwood, Amazon and Malwarebytes. Other places such as hotels and restaurants are constantly looking for staff. Deciding to move abroad to study in Cork is also a great opportunity for people wanting to improve their English skills.



Moving abroad to study in Dublin will be a life changing experience! Dublin is a very popular destination for young students from around the world interested in studying English in Ireland during their study or work experience abroad. It is also popular among professionals motivated to take advantage of the opportunity at hand in one of the various local companies. Multinationals are always looking for talents who want to increase their work experience abroad, in addition to their knowledge of the English language.

With EazyCity, thanks to our Study & Work Packages in Ireland, you can book your accommodation easily, attend an English course at a certified local school and receive assistance in finding a job or internship.

Living in Dublin is a unique experience

The city is modern, lively and historic and offers anyone who visits a unique experience. It is full of history, literature, culture, music and of course pubs. The Temple Bar district, south of the Liffey, is a popular area in Dublin where you can immerse yourself in the nightlife of the city.

If you are looking for a welcoming city, deciding to embark on your study in Dublin experience will be a choice you won’t regret! It is the ideal destination for your work and study abroad experience. You will constantly be in contact with and collaborating with native speakers and you’ll be practicing the language all the time, whether you’re at home, in the city, in pubs or in the office. You will improve your language skills and be able to apply them to your professional internship, ensuring your experience abroad will be efficient and unique!


Galway is one of Ireland's’ most beautiful and visited cities; the third most populated and one of the most lively and dynamic on the whole island. A perfect city for students and professionals looking for the ideal destination for their experience abroad.

Art, music and culture are breathed in every corner of this colourful and welcoming city.

Work in Galway: how to enter the Irish work environment

For those who love Ireland and its history we always recommend Galway, the ideal destination to discover Ireland while looking for a job or Internship.




Valencia is the third largest city in Spain, after Madrid and Barcelona. A city in which ancient and modern architecture coexist seamlessly, Valencia has got what it takes to ensure anyone who visits it is satisfied and to become the ideal city to live in if wanting to move to Spain.

Indeed, Valencia is currently the most popular city in the country to live, work and study in. With the help of EazyCity you can find shared accommodation in the city center and rely on our experts to find the best internships in Spain or find spanish language courses in Valencia

Work in Valencia: how to enter the Spanish work environment

Valencia is the perfect city to live in while in Spain; indeed, many foreigners choose it for their experience abroad. EazyCity offers Job Plans in Valencia which ensure our team’s support in preparing and finalising the necessary documentation to obtain the NIE (Nùmero de Identidad Extranjero), which is essential to work in Spain. With our help, the process of getting to work for a local company will be easier and faster.


If you love Italy as much you we do , we are sure you will fall in love with Firenze! It is THE perfect city in Italy to study or carry out a work experience / internship. Why? It is just beautiful, full of art, culture, great food, liveable, plenty of cycling tracks and it is a great location if you plan to travel and visit Italy.

Intern in Florence

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